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The Menu Masters Video CD Workshop
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Here's What's Covered In The 3 Session Menu Masters Video Workshop --

1. The Importance Of Your Menu

2. Menu Engineering Defined

3. The Importance Of An Engineered Menu

4. Guest Expectations Of A Menu

5. How To Develop Your Profile Sales Data Sheet

6. How To Determine Profitability & Popularity

7. Positioning Items By Popularity

8. Understanding The Menu Placement Quadrant

9. Menu, Merchandising & Marketing Implications of the Menu Placement Quadrant

10. Key Steps To Skilled Menu Design: What Works, What Doesn't

11. How To Profit From Your Menu's Front Cover

12. The Most Effective Way To List Your Products

13. Where To Add Icon & Graphic Display Elements

14. Secret Merchandising Steps To Make Your Menu More Profitable

15. What To Do About Your Back Menu Cover

16. How Guests Really Read A Menu: Separating Fact From Fiction

17. The Truth About Menu Arrangement & Eye-Flow

18. How To Sell More Desserts From Your Menu

19. Why Your Menu Could Be Killing Your Lunch Business

20. The Big Mistake Everyone's Making With Their Web Site Menus

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The Menu Masters Video Workshop --
How To Increase Profits From Your Menu 3% to 33%

Description: Because of the length of this topic and the amount of information to go through, this video workshop is divided into three separate courses.

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